9 10, 2017

Is WordPress Scalable?


Because WordPress is a free open source platform, the question of scalability is always a concern. Will your site be able to handle a sudden traffic spike? If you create the right environment, you can definitely have a WordPress site that is scalable and able to handle any amount of traffic. Some of the key ways to appropriately scale a WordPress site is by creating a suitable and sustainable development environment, effective horizontal scaling, caching, and query performance. Design-wise, WordPress can be used as a simple blogging website using a built-in theme or can be scaled to have a complex and sophisticated design structure using complex tools.* I have to build a number of Wholesale e-commerce sites as well as online magazine style sites. When it comes to how big the site is and how it performs comes down to how [...]

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9 10, 2017

Is WordPress More Likely to Get Hacked?


There is absolutely no proof that WordPress is any less secure than any other website site. The truth is, all sites are vulnerable to security breaches, including but no especially WordPress. Because of its sheer volume of WordPress websites on the web (about 28% of all sites), it attracts attackers. But WordPress is not a new platform. During its decade-long evolution, WordPress has released a number of informative security tutorials as well as reliable security plugins. And as WordPress continues to grow and mature, the security plugins only get more advanced resulting in decreased unlocked hacks. Each new update brings tougher security measures and features. However, the true security of a WordPress site comes from the admin’s ability to consistently update themes, plugins, and add-ons and maintain backups. Admins should also create complex passwords for all users and change them [...]

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21 09, 2017

Semi-Dedicated Servers $5.00/Month for the first 3 months with 30 Day Free Trial.


Just a few months ago, we started the summer off with a cool, entry-level semi-dedicated server promo, which still keeps drawing site owners with growing resource needs to your stores. That said, we are ready to make it a, long-term semi-dedicated server price. Starting today, the Semi-dedicated Servers are $5.00/Month for the first 3 months with 30 Day Free Trial indefinitely. The price reduction is part of our long-term policy to make your services more and more competitive on the ever-changing web hosting market. What are semi-dedicated servers about? A semi-dedicated server can be thought of as a powerful shared hosting package, which supplies website owners with the resources they need to manage their resource-demanding projects at a reasonable price. A semi-dedicated server represents a special, ‘middle-of-the-road’ solution crafted for those of you who want to feel less dependent on [...]

Semi-Dedicated Servers $5.00/Month for the first 3 months with 30 Day Free Trial.2017-10-09T11:14:26-07:00
7 09, 2017

10 Interesting WordPress Stats and Facts


The often quoted fact about WordPress is that it is the largest CMS (content management platform). However, if it’s not an enough big reason you should be using WordPress for your business website. A few questions will cross your mind. Questions like… Why WordPress is so popular? Why people favor it so much? People have so many options, but why is every fourth website created, is on WordPress? Does it have any hindrances that you may not be aware of? And most important, is it good enough to be your final choice? Well I wont answer all these questions but hopefully, some of these cool stats will give you some insight into the wonderful world of WordPress. If you have more questions or your interested in getting a website developed or advertised Contact Me today! Wapuu is the unofficial mascot [...]

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11 08, 2017

SEO Copywriting


SEO Copywriting is a hot topic nowadays in the world of SEO and most digital marketing circles. But what does it mean to you a business owner who wants their website to rank under the right searches and drive targeted traffic that will convert to sales, leads, calls or whatever it is your website is trying to accomplish. As with most things only a quick Google search will yeild you an infomation overload for a million and one different methods and companies with promises of  "TOP RANK" or "TOP 10 Rank on Google & Bing". What I want to accomplish to peal back the layers of marketing jargin and useless bait and switch webinars and provide you with a clear overview of what SEO Copywriting is and why you should care. A Working Definition of SEO Copywriting SEO Copywriting is [...]

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1 05, 2017

Effective WooCommerce Product Pages


Could it be time for a product photo shoot? If not selling tangible goods, you might consider updating product pages with a more contemporary, responsive design. Whatever it is, be sure to ask yourself these questions about your WooCommerce product pages: SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! Add social share buttons underneath your products to up the chance of spreading the word. If selling physical goods, consider a Pinterest “pin-it” button. While many tend to only focus on Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest is driving online commerce and should not be forgotten. PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS The description can entice a purchase and very important for On-page SEO. Be sure to include a description of the item you’re selling. A piece of content is more likely to rank and be found relevant by bot crawlers if the underlying text is relevant to the headline. You should [...]

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1 05, 2017

Let’s Encrypt-based SSL Certificates, Now Available!


Introduced in 2016, Let's Encrypt represents a free open certificate authority (CA), which provides website owners with digital certificates for enabling HTTPS (SSL/TLS). It was launched by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), a public-benefit organization sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Cisco Systems, with the aim of making HTTPS encryption both affordable and user-friendly. Their main goal is to create a more secure, privacy-driven web. Let's Encrypt certificates are: free to use: each domain name owner can obtain a trusted certificate at absolutely no cost automatic: the certificate setup and renewal procedures are fully automated; no human intervention is needed simple to use: there are neither payments to make, nor validation emails to respond to secure: Let's Encrypt serves as a platform for implementing the latest security practices fully transparent: all issued certificates are [...]

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11 04, 2017

What are the advantages of semi-dedicated servers?


Semi-dedicated servers are a time-proven solution for owners of resource-consuming sites who need to migrate from a regular shared hosting platform to a more powerful one at a reasonable cost. Since their introduction 6 years ago, our semi-dedicated servers have become a preferred choice for hundreds of users who have outgrown the resources offered by their shared hosting accounts, but are not yet ready to move to a dedicated server. Here are some of the advantages of moving up to a semi-dedicated server: Boosted performance – semi-dedicated servers offer 4-5 times more performance-critical resources, including substantially increased CPU usage quotas and lavish amounts of database query processing power. This will help users run busy sites and complex applications and handle vast numbers of concurrent requests sent by forum users, online shoppers, etc. Guaranteed security – semi-dedicated server users can rest assured [...]

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12 12, 2016

Drive Traffic with Pinterest


Drive Traffic with Pinterest Drive Traffic top your website is what it's all about right? And if you’ve been paying even a little attention to the world of social media in the last decade, chances are you’ve heard about Pinterest, a photo- and link-based collection site where users can create “pinboards” (or simply “boards”) to save interesting photos and links—sort of like a 21st century version of a cork-board collage. You may even have a personal account for exploring DIY projects, saving inspirational quotes or planning for your future. But have you ever considered what Pinterest can do for your website? Direct linking, pinning and sharing draw in new visitors naturally One of the less-obvious benefits of Pinterest is its ability to draw users to the source sites for various content. Because Pinterest can’t display the entirety of the source [...]

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9 12, 2016

Why Social Media Works


Social Media Works These days, when a person starts a small business, one of the first questions he or she is asked by prospective clients, customers, friends and family is the inevitable “are you on Facebook?” For some, the answer is “yes, of course!” For other, less tech-friendly folk, however, the answer is often a dismissive middle-ground response like “well, not yet, but maybe in the near future.” Unfortunately for the latter, the importance of social media in today’s business climate cannot be overstated. The need to establish a social media presence is inescapable, with many customers—especially millennials—opting to interact with companies almost completely online. Affordable, Dynamic Content With a Life of its Own Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter work for business content because they are inherently dynamic. The information is meant not only to be seen, but [...]

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