Drive Traffic with Pinterest

Drive Traffic top your website is what it’s all about right? And if you’ve been paying even a little attention to the world of social media in the last decade, chances are you’ve heard about Pinterest, a photo- and link-based collection site where users can create “pinboards” (or simply “boards”) to save interesting photos and links—sort of like a 21st century version of a cork-board collage. You may even have a personal account for exploring DIY projects, saving inspirational quotes or planning for your future. But have you ever considered what Pinterest can do for your website?

Direct linking, pinning and sharing draw in new visitors naturally

One of the less-obvious benefits of Pinterest is its ability to draw users to the source sites for various content. Because Pinterest can’t display the entirety of the source within its platform, users who see a photo of a clever craft, for example, have to click through to the original website to see the details.

When your content is seen by an interested user, he or she may choose to “pin” your post to one of his or her Pinterest boards. Then, that user’s friends will be exposed to the content and have the option to “re-pin” it to their own boards, allowing the process to continue and the content to spread organically.

Here’s an example based on Pinterest data from social media marketing company Tailwind: let’s say you create a pin that is seen by 30 followers and it gets re-pinned four times. As it moves organically through Pinterest over the next 32 weeks or so, it gets viewed by 68 pinners, is re-pinned 66 times and eventually reaches a major Pinterest influencer who is able to share it to hundreds of thousands of other users.

Plus, the internet “half-life” of Pinterest content (the time it takes to earn 50% of all total clicks/views) is approximately 1,600 times longer than that of a Facebook post, which means your posts will stay visible to users for a much, much longer period of time.

Low-maintenance social media with big benefits

By leveraging Pinterest’s natural ability to share your content and keep it moving to fresh eyes over a longer period of time, you can boost traffic to your website and potentially increase sales for retail or services (especially if your pin content focuses on the products themselves).

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