Could it be time for a product photo shoot? If not selling tangible goods, you might consider updating product pages with a more contemporary, responsive design.

Whatever it is, be sure to ask yourself these questions about your WooCommerce product pages:


Add social share buttons underneath your products to up the chance of spreading the word. If selling physical goods, consider a Pinterest “pin-it” button. While many tend to only focus on Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest is driving online commerce and should not be forgotten.


The description can entice a purchase and very important for On-page SEO. Be sure to include a description of the item you’re selling. A piece of content is more likely to rank and be found relevant by bot crawlers if the underlying text is relevant to the headline. You should also include the keyword in the alt text of any images you’re using so Google-bot crawlers understand the content on your page.


Studies show visitors are 144%  more likely to purchase after seeing a product video as compared to those who didn’t see the video. Therefore, you might consider showing your product or brand in action. Always upload it to an external video-sharing site, like YouTube.


70% of buyers look for a review before purchasing a product. If your products don’t have any reviews, seek out loyal fans who have already purchased to write a review make sure you have an easy way for them to submit it.