semi dedicated servers

Semi-dedicated servers are a time-proven solution for owners of resource-consuming sites who need to migrate from a regular shared hosting platform to a more powerful one at a reasonable cost.

Since their introduction 6 years ago, our semi-dedicated servers have become a preferred choice for hundreds of users who have outgrown the resources offered by their shared hosting accounts, but are not yet ready to move to a dedicated server.

Here are some of the advantages of moving up to a semi-dedicated server:

  • Boosted performance – semi-dedicated servers offer 4-5 times more performance-critical resources, including substantially increased CPU usage quotas and lavish amounts of database query processing power. This will help users run busy sites and complex applications and handle vast numbers of concurrent requests sent by forum users, online shoppers, etc.
  • Guaranteed security – semi-dedicated server users can rest assured that their sites and applications are being kept stable 24/7. Apart from that, they will be able to leverage all the security improvements that we’ve introduced to our web hosting platform so far, among them the ModSecurity anti-hack firewall, plus lots of anti-virus protection enhancements.
  • A fully managed server solution – all server monitoring and management procedures will be taken care of by our administrators. Also, they will run routine maintenances to keep the server up to date with the latest software/hardware and security innovations on the market. This will give you plenty of time, peace of mind and the possibility to focus on your projects rather than waste efforts on backend operations.
  • Ease of use – managing a semi-dedicated server is like managing a regular web hosting account, which means that there will be neither an admin console to log into, nor an Operating System (or other software) to configure. Thanks to the in-house built Control Panel each semi-dedicated server comes with, managing your sites and applications will be a breeze.