Social Media WorksSocial Media Works

These days, when a person starts a small business, one of the first questions he or she is asked by prospective clients, customers, friends and family is the inevitable “are you on Facebook?” For some, the answer is “yes, of course!” For other, less tech-friendly folk, however, the answer is often a dismissive middle-ground response like “well, not yet, but maybe in the near future.” Unfortunately for the latter, the importance of social media in today’s business climate cannot be overstated. The need to establish a social media presence is inescapable, with many customers—especially millennials—opting to interact with companies almost completely online.

Affordable, Dynamic Content With a Life of its Own

Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter work for business content because they are inherently dynamic. The information is meant not only to be seen, but to be shared and used to start a relevant dialogue with a given audience. In this way, content disseminates and draws attention to itself organically without additional effort from the original poster. Plus, with optional paid functions like promoted posts and ads, small business owners can improve the visibility of their content even further.

Another benefit of social media marketing is that it’s relatively low-cost when compared to traditional methods of marketing. Generally, posting content on a given social media site is free of charge, with additional fees only applying to the site’s paid view-boosting options. Even then, the cost of advertising on social media can be much more reasonable than buying space elsewhere online or in print media.

Unique Platforms for Unique Industries

Beyond the requisite Facebook page, there are plenty of other social media platforms that can play into the online success of your business. A photography studio, for example, might flourish via a business Instagram account featuring sample photography.  A small business focusing on handcrafted knitted and crocheted items can find an ideal home on Ravelry, a social media site for sharing ideas, patterns, tools and finished products with other like-minded hobbyists. For businesses that cater to general professional services, professional social media sites like LinkedIn offer both content publishing and networking opportunities.

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