WordPressBelieve it or not, WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems. Really, it should come as no surprise; WordPress offers a full, flexible suite of tools to users of all skill levels, making it easy to publish, update, move and delete content as needed. What few people realize, however, is how truly beneficial WordPress can be for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Content publishing and analysis made easy

One of the simplest ways to improve WordPress SEO results on a given site is to simply publish a significant stream of keyword-rich content on a regular basis. The last thing you need when working to amp up your blog’s volume is a system that’s going to make you jump through hoops for every post. With WordPress SEO’s intuitive user interface and full range of formatting and publishing options, you’re able to simply type up a post and publish it at the click of a button.

WordPress doesn’t just make it easy to publish the content, but it also can makes it easy to analyze the quality of your content for SEO purposes. All you have to do is identify the desired keywords and Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress can automatically display the post’s keyword density and indicate whether it meets ideal SEO metrics by turning either red (insufficient) or green (sufficient). All you need is a free and highly recommended plugin Yoast SEO.

Plugins, RSS Feeds and more

WordPress SEO also offers numerous additional features that can help drive traffic to your site and improve its search rankings. One feature built-in to WordPress is RSS feeds, which send a link to your site to a feed directory with a proper return link. In this way, your site will not only gain exposure and new readers, but will also look good to search engine algorithms, making it more likely to rise in the ranks.

There are also a number of WordPress and third-party plugins that users can take advantage of for a wide variety of purposes. Social media plugins like Facebook and Twitter are common choices, and those seeking plugins specifically aimed at improving SEO can choose from options like Yoast SEO, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, LinkPatrol and many others.

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