The often quoted fact about WordPress is that it is the largest CMS (content management platform). However, if it’s not an enough big reason you should be using WordPress for your business website. A few questions will cross your mind. Questions like… Why WordPress is so popular? Why people favor it so much? People have so many options, but why is every fourth website created, is on WordPress? Does it have any hindrances that you may not be aware of? And most important, is it good enough to be your final choice? Well I wont answer all these questions but hopefully, some of these cool stats will give you some insight into the wonderful world of WordPress. If you have more questions or your interested in getting a website developed or advertised Contact Me today!

  1. Wapuu is the unofficial mascot of WordPress, inspired by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg’s trip to Japan. – Torque
  2. Every major core update of WordPress is named after a famous Jazz musician (because WordPress developers like jazz). –
  3. In order to run WordPress software, your web host must offer PHPversion 7 or greater, MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater, as well as HTTPS.
  4. 8% of WordPress security breaches happen as the result of a weak password. – WP Smackdown
  5. Woocommerce has been downloaded over 30 million times. – Woocommerce
  6. Woocommerce (an Automattic ecommerce plugin) powers 41% of all online stores. – Built With
  7. The first WYSIWYG editor for WordPress that easily used by technophobes to post content quickly and creatively was created by Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy – Thrive Themes.
  8. Envato’s total community earnings eclipsed $500 million in early 2017. – Envato
  9. A custom WordPress website can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $100,000. – Post Status
  10. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Russell Brand, Kobe Bryant, and Sylvester Stalone all count themselves among the ranks of WordPress users. – Skilled